DOUBLE-FIGURE river fish don’t come out that frequently so to catch a trio over 10 lb of different species from a free stretch ranks as truly special.


Tom Schubert made the brilliant catch last week from a local stretch of the River Severn and landed an 11 lb 9 oz barbel, followed by a 10 lb 3 oz bream, then topped it off with a 19 lb 7 oz common carp.

The 25-year-old operations manager for an online beer subscription company explained: “When I moved to Worcester about five years ago for university I was told the stretch didn’t have much to show for itself and tended to be slow going.

“Fishing was pretty slow going towards the start of the season, but I always seem to do better towards the back end. Luckily it’s been pretty mild and the river’s been fairly low so I’ve getting out a bit more.”


Feeder and boilies for river success

Tom explained his tactics: “I use a mixture of Sonubaits Spicy Sausage and their Cheesy Garlic crush groundbaits, with Dynamite’s The Source boilies.

“I loose feed a few boilies now and again but most of it is introduced through a 3 oz cage feeder.

“I pre-baited the night before with a few feeders of groundbait and a few scattered boilies. The river was running pretty low but was still carrying a bit of colour.

“The bream and barbel came within an hour of each other at night with the carp about 30 yards downstream during daylight, and I also had three other double-figure barbel.


“The carp and bream were both personal bests, although I’ve had bigger barbel but not off this stretch.

“The barbel fishing is usually slow but I’ve had seven out from the swim since the start of September, all bar two of the fish have been doubles,” he added.

Tom tempted them all using Dynamite The Source 18 mm boilies on a Korum running rig, with a 3 ft Sufix hooklink and a size 10 Korum Xpert hook.

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