LAURENCE MASON had a brilliant couple of weeks on his local River Lea which culminated in this 15 lb barbel from Fishers Green.

Waltham Abbey, Essex-based Laurence said: “I visited Fishers Green for a quick morning session after having a terrific few weeks that saw me catch seven barbel to 12 lb band two chub to just under 7 lb.

“That morning I felt I had a good chance to catch a large barbel. I arrived in my chosen swim

“ I was using a 1.5 oz lead with a 12 lb fluorocarbon hook link with a size 12 hook and a small pellet on a hair rig with a PVA bag of free offerings.

“I cast directly below a willow tree in some slack water and waited for some action, half an hour passed and I had my first indication on the rod tip but after another 15 minutes of inactivity I decided to reposition the rig with a broken boilie on the hair. This was then re-cast to the same spot with some free offerings around it.

“Another half an hour passed and the rod wrapped round aggressively, the fish made several runs and was clearly a very heavy barbel. The battle went on for nearly 20 minutes before I could net my biggest fish of the season.”

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