DESPITE suffering from debilitating Parkinson’s Disease Adrian Crawford found a way to bank one of the biggest chub of the season, scaling a whopping 8 lb 8 oz. It won him prizes in Angler's Mail magazine - No.1 for latest catches.

Adrian, from Acton, West London, who blogs at, made his magic catch on Dorset’s River Stour whilst alongside guides Nathan Edgell and Sean McSeveny.

Incredibly he used sea fishing lures to tempt the impressive chub, which starred in Angler’s Mail magazine’s Fish of the Week contest and Korum Specimen Cup competition, which offers fantastic tackle prizes every week.

Adrian, 50, told the Mail: “I took up lure fishing shortly after being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s – it’s my way of facing up to this debilitating disease.

“I was using my standard bass kit with the exception of upgraded braid and a wire trace, for obvious reasons, when we arrived at a nice wide stretch of the river.

“I was tiring, casting my largest bass lure repetitively for hours combined with debilitating effects of the Parkinson’s disease was beginning to take its toll and I could not reach areas of interest on the far bank.

“So I changed to a lighter lure I like to use when I’m fishing river estuaries for bass.”


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