CHRIS MALTBY has caught one of the biggest perch of the year when he nabbed this 5 lb 8 oz mega stripy on a prawn.

The big ‘un came from a top secret water that Chris refers to as ‘Wetdampnet’.

The Gardner Tackle employee and carp angling coach at Bury Hill, Surrey, proved the right bait put in the right spot can still reap rewards.

Chris from Horsham, West Sussex, said: ‘It was a horrendous day with continuous cold rain.

‘My brother Paul managed to land a 2 lb 4 oz perch in mid afternoon, which gave us a bit of motivation to see out the day despite the weather.

‘I then hooked a fish that at first seemed pretty small, giving just a couple of headshakes initially, but I have found that to be the case with most perch I have caught. It’s only when they get angry that you get a bit of a clue.

‘Once it woke up it tried everything to get in snags under my feet, but as Paul drew it across the net we both thought that it was quite a good fish.

‘Then Paul lifted the net and we both looked in and I said: “That’s got to be a four.” upon which we both started laughing as it was obviously a ridiculous understatement!’

‘I was chuffed to bits to have caught it, but like I will be telling my customers in forthcoming perch guiding sessions all perch are a worthy catch.

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