MATT SWAN has had limited time to fishing this season due to work pressures but has enjoyed a great season on Cambridgeshire’s Monks Pit and topped it off with this lake record 55 lb mirror carp, known as Porky.


The 29-year-old Nash field tester from Leicester said: “It’s been my first season on Monks and I couldn’t wait to start my limited time campaign.

“My season got off to a flier, catching fish on every available session boosted my confidence and in turn, I fished better each and every time.

“I had caught 48 fish in 25 nights prior to this session so was full of confidence despite it being -1 and the frost was crunching beneath my feet and the pit was similar to a mill pond.

“My first fish was a 37 lb 2 oz stunning mirror and a very welcomed capture.

“I was then looking at a picture of ‘Porky’ which is the biggest fish in the lake and has previously broke that magnificent 50 lb barrier.

“The evening came and went with very little action other than a single bleep at 6 am.

“I then a friend rang to check in on my session and I was telling him how I’d had 49 fish in total and joking around I said my 50th fish will be a fifty. We laughed about it and he wished me luck.

“Another uneventful night unfolded, not a single bleep. At 6am a single bleep came through the receiver followed up with a slow and steady take… one of a big fish, I thought. The clutch was slowly ticking away and I lifted into what felt big, very big in fact. The clutch just kept peeling out line and I was struggling to control the fish.

“Eventually I managed to turn the fish, I kept pumping until I gained control. I got the fish back to the margin, it surfaced and I knew I had one hell of a fish on the end but I was never sure of which fish it was. I gained on the fish again, I slipped the net, it’s lips touched the spreader block but it’s tail was still hanging over the net cord.

“I peered over the net, took one proper look and I knew what was going down! Porky is now sulking in my cage and I can’t believe it. I rang my friend for help and within 20 minutes he was in my swim ready to take some pictures.

“The photoshoot felt like nothing else, I struggle to even remember what happened from the time the fish went in the net to the time I slipped her back. It’s all a cloud, a big blur of excitement and I’d like to thank all those that helped and offered congratulations,” added Matt, who offered maggots and Nash Key Cray boilies.

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