A WHOPPING £30,000 has been gained for an angling club by pollution-prosecutors Fish Legal, following a horrific fish kill.

Not-for-profit membership association Fish Legal –part of the Angling Trust – gained the money for Derbyshire’s Williamthorpe AC who had their 9.5 acre lake polluted by a chemical company in 2009.

The club benefited from the free legal representation offered by Fish Legal’s expert lawyers, who take on water pollution cases on behalf member clubs all over the UK. In England, Fish Legal also acts as the legal arm of the Angling Trust.

On September 9, 2009, a catalogue of errors at a factory on the Holmewood Industrial Estate in Chesterfield saw chemicals used in textile manufacturing drain straight into the public sewer and on to the local sewage treatment works.

Once there, they knocked out the delicate biological treatment process at the works. By September 11, a deadly cocktail of raw untreated sewage mixed with toxic chemicals was released into the first of the series of ponds.

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