CHEW VALLEY’S pike season got off to a flying start last week with at least THIRTY 30s topped by a giant of 39 lb.

Vast Somerset trout water Chew Valley is undoubtedly Britain’s No.1 pike venue of all-time but this current form is beyond even its own standards.  Angler’s Mail magazine readers have been reading all about it lately – with lots more predator coverage exclusive to the magazine.

The captor of the 39 lb pike wished to remain anonymous but it was witnessed by top pike expert Neville Fickling who was fishing in the next boat.

But Wolverhampton, West Midlands-based Paul Golden (pictured above and below) shared news of one of the biggest pike braces ever – impressive fish of 37 lb 7 oz and 36 lb.

Brother Mark said: “It was one of the best day’s fishing I ever had and I never caught a fish! I’m glad I got them both in the net first time.

“The 36-pounder jumped out of the water more than once and it doesn’t help the nerves when you see them hooked by one treble, leaving the other flying. I may never see one as big as that again,” he added.


The third biggest specimen of 36 lb 4 oz, along with a fine 29 lb 8 oz sample, fell to Wye Valley Adventures guide Martyn Cattermole.

Chepstow, Monmouthshire-based Martyn said: “It was my sixth day on the lake and a very foggy morning which required navigational aids to reach the area.

“I cast out a whole mackerel at a depth of 9-10 feet and soon had a roaring take from the smaller of the two fish.

“An hour later I had another screaming run from the same spot and I knew I was into an even bigger, extremely heavy fish.

“It fought so hard I was frightened the hooks might pull or the 50 lb power braid snap,” he added.

Chew Valley fishery manager John Harris commented: “I would say that we are averaging three 30s a day, and goodness knows how many 20s.

“Tickets are limited and are taken for this year, although occasionally a late availability comes up due to a cancellation.

“Prices this year were £35 for bank fishing and £50 or £60 per person per two-man boat depending on exact date.

“Next year’s allocation for fishing selected dates in February, October and November goes on sale in January,” he added.

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