MOST regular anglers will have had encounters with predators... now check this one out. The pike-bite marks on this chub give it away...

Phil Mapp was shocked when this specimen 6 lb 4 oz chub was grabbed by a huge pike as he was playing it.

Milton Keynes-based Phil’s 6 lb Maxima main line and 5 lb Drennan Supplex hook link held firm… and the pike let go.

The incident happened on the Great Ouse at Wolverton, Buckinghamshire.

Phil said: “The pike must of been big to create that much damage to a 6 lb chub, it wasn’t on for long, seconds if that.

“My guess is the head of the pike must of been huge to create so much damage in such a short space of time,’ added Phil.

The Ouse session also saw Phil add other chub of 5 lb 2 oz and 5 lb, caught using meat hook baits.

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