ADAM BURLEY showed his creativity to tempt this stunning 35 lb 6 oz pike using a home-made lure.

The 24-year-old, from Hereford, was on his local River Wye when he matted the stunning pike using a modified dessert spoon from the cutlery drawer with trebles attached.

Adam, a full-time dad, said: “I had enough of spending money on lures so I got a dessert spoon from the kitchen.

“I cut the handle off and kept the round bit. I drilled two holes either side, I put a treble hook one side and my trace the other end attached to a swivel clip.

“I then went and tried a few different spots down by the rowing club in Hereford. I had no luck for the first hour.

“Then out of nowhere I was bringing my rod in, I felt like a dead weight. I kept reeling not knowing what was attached.

“It only took only a few minutes to manage to get it in, it never put up a fight just felt heavy.

“My old PB was 20 lb 4 oz so I could tell I had beat it before even weighing it.

“I’ve been told it is probably one of the biggest pike caught on the Wye in the last year,” Adam concluded.

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