PIKE FANS, check this catch out by one of the sport's most dedicated big fish men... five giant predators for over 151 lb!

Pike ace Dave Horton made the mega catch with five giant crocs that had a combined weight of 151 lb 4 oz. The biggest specimen scaled 36 lb 4 oz.

It’s one of the UK’s best ever pike hauls ever. Possibly THE greatest ever seeing as it come out on the exact same rod in just a couple of hours to a bank angler.

The fireman explained his epic catch the massive Chew Valley Lake in Somerset, where the future of pike fishing was recently secured.

Dave told Angler’s Mail magazine, which was again first with the news: “It was just one of those days when everything just went right.

“Usually when the bobbin goes and you wind down into a fish, only once in a while are you blessed with a big ‘un, but this time every bite came from a whopper.

“I don’t like boat fishing and always fish the bank however big the water.

“On this day there was a strong north westerly and I was tempted to fish with the wind on my back for comfort.

“But I sensed the wind may have influenced where the fish were holding up so I opted to fish into the teeth of it.

“The water at Chew is high at the moment which helps the bank fishing and I chose a very inaccessible flooded swim where chest waders were needed as I thought no other anglers would be tempted.

“I fished a plateau with a 12 ft drop off at 80 yards, casting there for the first two fish and then using the bait boat as the wind strengthened.

“The first one was after about an hour and was the smallest at 23 lb 4 oz, then an hour or so later came the biggest at 36 lb 4 oz. Both these fish were tempted by smelts from Online Baits UK.

“I would have been delighted with these two alone but I switched to mackerel, and in the next half hour I was amazed to have two more going 29 lb 4 oz and 29 lb 8 oz, followed an hour or so later by another giant of 32 lb 8 oz.

“Amazingly they had all been on my right-hand rod, ambushing the fish as they came out from a bay into more open water.

“I didn’t have a touch on the other rod nor did my angling partner Simon Langan who blanked but was nearly as delighted as me to witness such a catch.

“I have caught 30 pike over 30 lb over the years but have never had so many big fish in one go, so it really was the catch of a lifetime.

“Pike author and statistician Neville Fickling (a columunist in Angler’s Mail magazine) was present.

“He told me he’d never heard of five fish being caught in one session weighing so much,” added the 53-year-old from Waltham Abbey, Essex.

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