THE official English record pike has been caught again, looking fit and healthy, but down in weight from its all-time peak.

Pike fishing fans admired the giant first, again, in Angler’s Mail print magazine.

It scaled 41 lb 4 oz this time, and fell to Paul Bramley. He was using new tackle – replacement kit after a thief stole it all.

Paul matted the beast from his local Wykeham Lakes in North Yorkshire. It’s seen above being carefully cradled.

Paul scored success with his main target fish after a long campaign on Wykeham’s small but tricky Trout Lake.

Paul’s super specimen is the same fish that set an English record at a massive 46 lb 11 oz to Wyndon Coole.

Wyndon’s 2014 catch became the second-biggest capture in UK pike fishing history.

It’s pictured below, how it appeared on the cover of Angler’s Mail magazine at the time.

This English-best catch has still only been eclipsed by one fully-authenticated British pike, which was 2 oz heavier.

Roy Lewis caught that official record of 46 lb 13 oz at Llandegfedd Reservoir in Wales way back in 1992. It’s one of the longest-reigning records on the BRFC coarse list.

How Paul Bramley landed the giant

Paul Bramley, a 65-year-old repairer from Scarborough, told Angler’s Mail all about his recent capture of the stunning giant. It was landed on kit that replaced what he had stolen.

Paul said: “I’ve been in the syndicate since the beginning, and been fishing there two years previous to that, over six years in all.

“I’ve fished the lake most weekends and some weekdays throughout the pike seasons.

“My previous PB was 27 lb 12 oz and I’ve also had two other two 20s, plus some medium doubles but it is hard water.

“I’ve fished that peg lots of times with livebaits and deadbaits, until this lucky day.

“I used whole herring bought from Morrisons injected with Pike Pro lamprey oil legered 20 ft from the bank on a bright sunny day.

“There always seems to get pike activity when it is sunny and bright on that lake.”

Back she goes – Paul releases the Wykeham giant.

Paul continued: “It was a slow gentle take but when the hooks were set it was solid, two powerful runs then it came to the net.

“I knew it was a good fish when it was peeling line with a heavy drag set, a great lump of a fish but sadly not a British record… but happy days!

“It is a big step from catching minnows and gudgeon in the River Nidd at Knaresborough when I was a lad,” added Paul, who used a Greys Prowla 3 lb test curve, Shimano XT 10000 reel and Fireline braid.

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