LEE HODGSON has boated the biggest pike so far this winter with a stunning deadbait-tempted 34 lb 1 oz beast.

Tackling vast West Country mecca, Chew Valley, the 33-year-old smashed his previous best – he hadn’t managed a 30 until now.

After a reasonable start the reservoir seems to have leapt into life as the big girls go on the feed.

And TV celebrity and mad keen angler Chris Tarrant got in on the act by luring a beautifully marked 27 lb 8 oz croc from Chew, which gave him a 30 lb 4 oz PB in February.

Chris’s boat partner and guide, John Horsey had four other fish on lures – best at 15 lb and a couple of other big fish lost during battle.

Expect to see Chris and John tussling with some weird and wonderful fish all over the World in a TV programme currently being edited. For guiding details visit www.johnhorsey.co.uk

For the stunning pike pictures of Chris and Lee’s 34-pounder, pick up a copy of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine dated November 16, 2010.