ANGLERS MAIL predator ace Andy Black has enjoyed the ecstasy and the agony of pike fishing, as our pictures clearly show.

Catch-wise Andy has had a good start to his pike season, boating a multiple catch of 20s from a local Midlands reservoir, topped by a stunningly coloured 27 lb croc caught straight after a sustaining nasty gash.

He tried a different spot to where he’d been before and after searching around found a small group of fish in a tightly-packed area in 18 ft of water, then set about catching them using small jerkbaits and rubber shads

Andy, who will be writing on a more regular basis in the Mail’s coming Pike Scene added: ‘On the first cast I had a nice fish of 20 lb 4 oz, and then a couple of smaller fish around 15 lb before it went a bit dead, but I knew there were still fish there as I kept having a few follows one from a very big fish indeed.

‘Because of the follows, I kept changing lure colour until I found one that they wanted, and after a few swaps to a darker colour I managed a good take from an angry 21 lb specimen.’

This was a fish that bit back though – during its unhooking, the pike managed to flip and badly cut Andy’s finger.

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