JON STICKINGS is having a dream season on the Warwickshire Avon and since his last appearance in the Angler’s Mail has notched another five double-figure barbel including a brace of 14 lb 15 oz and 14 lb 6 oz.

It takes his tally of doubles to 28 from the venue since June 16 to a whopping 28.

Wasperton, Warwickshire-based Jon, a postman, explained: “This season is unbelievable for the number of large fish but I’m concerned that there seems to be very few fish under 7lb.

“All were caught on 14mm Tosser Baits Specials haired to a size 8 hook on a coated braid trace,” he added.

And Erik Small from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire tackled a Birmingham AA stretch of the river for this PB 13 lb 15 oz barbel, also on boilies.

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