ACE float maker Andrew Field – who is giving away a £50 float for the best fish caught on the tactic in October in Angler’s Mail – showed how effective the tactic is with this 12 lb 4 oz barbel.


March, Cambridgeshire-based Andrew was helping a couple of friends learn the tactic on a day ticket stretch of the River Trent when the big barbel picked up double maggot on a size 16 Drennan Super Spade hook to 4 lb line with a 15 ft Drennan Acolyte Ultra rod.

Andrew explained: “The float was one of my own hand-made 5 No.4 carbon stem balsa stick floats fished in 7 fft of water. This is a new stick float PB for myself and one of four doubles from an over 30 fish haul on a two-day session.”

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