CHECK OUT this whiskered giant! Jonathan Spaulding fished a 48-hour session on the mighty River Trent close to his home for this new 17 lb PB barbel - winning him £100 of Korum fishing tackle in top weekly, Angler's Mail magazine.

The Nottingham-based angler, a field tester for Stotabaits, saw his first evening produce two doubles to 13 lb. They came to 14mm Riverami boilies offered 4 ft below a 4 oz crumb feeder. But then he decided to move…

Jonathan said: “I woke up feeling I needed to move. I switched into a peg I had fished the previous week having a good feeling of catching a few I settled in for the night. At 10.15pm the alarm screamed off and the battle commenced. After a great scrap of 20 minutes I landed my PB.”

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