FISH that were condemned to be destroyed at a Bristol lake have been saved and will go to a new home.


As recently reported in Angler’s Mail, the fish in St. George’s Park Lake – popular with local anglers and the venue for one of the Nash Urban Banx videos (pictured) – were set to be destroyed by the local council and Neighbourhood Partnership after fishing was banned.

This led to outrage not just from anglers but also members of the public… and the Angling Trust were quick to step in.

The Trust’s National Regions Manager, John Cheyne, set up a meeting and now has an assurance the fish – including carp to over 20 lb – will be relocated rather than killed.

John enthused: “Commonsense has prevailed and we are delighted that healthy fish will be saved.

“The lake is in need of work and there have been problems associated with angling in such a small and busy park, however there is no reason to simply exterminate healthy fish.”

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