DAN LENEY has now caught all the biggest carp in a lake after nabbing the impressive Two Tone at a massive 45 lb 12 oz plus another at 40 lb 6 oz on his next trip.

Twickenham, South West London-based Dan has been scoring at Horton’s Island Lake in Berkshire.

He told Angler’s Mail: “I know the lake well and absolutely love every time I set foot on the venue.

“I was there for three days. I had located and had been prepping some spots via the boat at 120 yards. They were placed on clearings of silt amongst huge weed beds, areas where I could easily present a rig.

“A load of CC Moore Pacific Tuna chops and particles were introduced over the top. I used Brazil nuts and CC Moore Pacific Tuna pop-ups to balance them out.”

Ten yards out

Dan continued: “The rod ripped off at 1pm on the second day and latched into the huge framed Two Tone mirror. I managed three bites that day, taking another 25 lb common and lost one in the weed.

“I returned after that session two weeks later but this time chose to fish just ten yards from the bank in much shallower water.

“On the first morning I managed two takes, a 23 lb mirror and the second 40 making it two 40s in two weeks – what a buzz!”

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