A TOP end seatbox manufacturer is showcasing their mega-strong products with a campaign of TV adverts.


Octbox have proved that their seatbox systems really are the strongest out there by shooting a TV advert.

It  shows their MK18 D25 Octbox can support four anglers including two on the side tray without a support leg!

Octbox boss Rick Tyler told Angler’s Mail: “The advert is a big investment, but we believe that if you’ve got something to shout about, you need to use the biggest platform that there is.

“We had already conducted strength tests with Cambridge University on the flagship seat boxes from the top ten selling brands.

“The weakest part of any seatbox has to be the leg adaptor it doesn’t matter how strong the framework is.

“If the leg adaptor can’t support whatever weight you are putting on it, that’s going to limit the performance of the box.

“The highest performance of the boxes we tested achieved something like 140 kg of pressure on a single leg adaptor and then the performance dropped off with use, as they featured plastic parts, whereas ours are all aluminium.

“Ours consistently achieved over 300 kg, per leg adaptor. So we know we could easily put 1,500 kg (1.5 tonnes) on an Octbox with its six legs, and still be around 300 kg under the maximum it could take.

“You can crush bone with an Octbox leg adaptor that’s how powerful they are.

“So we’re supporting 60 stone (381 kg) on that box, but the amazing thing is to really show the strength and build quality we have stood two anglers on its side tray – that only weighs 1.3 kg and is only supported on one side, by two of our leg adaptors.

“The ad will show the two sets of feet stepping onto the side tray with nothing underneath it. Then the finishing shot will say something like – No not magic – just Octbox engineering!” concluded Rick.

The 30 second advert, which also features England coach Dean Barlow, an Octbox user, will start in mid October and run for a year. It will feature on ITV4 in the interval of Fishing All Stars and on BT Sports in the interval of On The Bank.


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