A BRAND new angling TV series called Pursuit has begun, mixing a wide range of great coarse angling venues with a mix of top anglers.


Pursuit is a brand new six-part series of one hour shows on Sky Sports that sees an angling journey in the UK, Ireland and France pursuing experts’ favourite fish at their best loved venues.

It’s brought to you by the producer of Mr Crabtree, Lester Holcombe and presented by Angler’s Mail magazine columnist John Bailey.

Following on from the success of the Crabtree fishing series over the last couple of years, it was decided by the team to expand the outlook of the shows and for John to fish with angling mates and to fish more challenging venues.

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John (pictured above left) said: “The series with the various ‘Peter’ characters was great and we will be doing more of them,  but this series has given me a chance to share some angling adventures with good friends, to have some fun, capture the camaraderie and to share some great fishing experiences with the viewers.”

Lester added: “We always try and make the angling programmes accessible to not just anglers, but also look to appeal to the non angler too. We feel that it is important to show angling positively to a wider public that doesn’t always look favourably on or really understands the sport.”

Fantastic venues and different styles

The Pursuit series sees the team fishing at some fantastic venues such as Broadlands, the Test and the Wensum in the UK, the great loughs of Ireland and some superb venues in France such as Lac du Peupliers, Planchette, Le Quis and Puyruvaud

John continued: “We try to make these shows with a view to them being entertaining to experienced and new anglers alike, and hopefully attract some new converts along the way.

“We selected venues at home and abroad to reflect the different venues available and across a variety of species, I concentrated on my preferred style of fishing and the crew and guests pursuing their favourite methods and species.”

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The team plan to start filming the next series this spring and there will be an opportunity for Angler’s Mail readers to appear in that series and fish with John and the team – out for more info in the magazine if you fancy becoming an angling TV star.

There are a few more tips and ideas in these shows without them becoming all about the rigs and more on how we overcame certain angling challenges.

The first episode of Pursuit transmits on Sky Sports 3 at 5.50pm on Monday, March 7, repeated each following Saturday at 8.30 with further repeats yet to be scheduled.

For revealing information on the carp fishing side of Pursuit, be sure to get Angler’s Mail magazine (on sale from Tuesday, March 8).