THE biggest change ever to the rod licencing system is being advertised by legal requirement this week – and the standard adult coarse rod licence is rocketing up to £30 a year.


But the overall reforms of the outdated Environment Agency system from the Salmon And Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 should go down well with the majority of anglers, and be in place for April 1, 2017.

The 11.1 per cent increase to the full adult coarse licence comes after the £27 licence had been frozen for seven years – and the new £30 licence would stay the same for three seasons at least.

The concessionary licence is going up from £18 to £20.

New reforms set for 2017

New reforms include making the new licence run for 365 days from the actual date bought, totally scrapping the £5 junior licence, making a three-rod option for £45. These moves have been praised by many anglers.

The one-day licence is going up to a whopping 60 per cent from £6 from the current £3.75. But the eight-day licence, designed for holidays, remains good value at £12 from the current £10.

The salmon and sea trout licence, that includes coarse fish too, is rising £10 up to £82.


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