ONE of Britain’s most successful big pike anglers smashed his PB on exactly the same day nearly 30 years after his long-standing best.

Kev Shore, who stands tenth on Neville Fickling’s notable pike anglers list with 17 30 lb-plus predators, was boat fishing on Somerset’s Chew Valley.

It fell to a smelt deadbait at the end of Chew’s first pike week of 2017, that saw an astonishing 30 30 lb-plus pike caught.

The 57-year-old from Chester, Cheshire, explained: “My previous PB of 35 lb 12 oz fell on February 11 in 1989 and this fish 4 lb bigger came 28 years later to the day – a real crazy coincidence.

“She was caught at 9am in deep water during snow flurries and a cold north wind.

“During the fight she stayed deep and felt heavy but when I could see her a few feet down I could see she was just hooked on one treble in the corner of her mouth and new she was huge.

“My heart was in my mouth but luckily she was netted first time,” added Kev.

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