A NEW political carp anglers group has formed after the revelations the once-mighty Carp Society is in chaos.

As we reported in June, The Carp Society, who once had over 5,000 members, was on the brink of dissolving with as little as ten members left and there were serious concerns they would have to sell their flagship venue Horseshoe Lake.

The Society hierarchy publicly denied Horseshoe was for sale but refused to answer any individual questions to the Angler’s Mail on their future.

Now former Carp Society bigwigs have formed The Carp Angling Conservation Group to liaise with the Angling Trust and other bodies on all political matters involving carp and other specimen fish.

Carp Society founder Tim Paisley (pictured above) is chairman of the new group and hopes to fill the political void left by his former group plus the now defunct Specialist Anglers Alliance as their former head Chris Burt is also onboard the new group.

Tim explained: “For your average carp angler politics is a dirty word, but many of us feel that carp – and specialist anglers are under-represented in the arena of angling politics.”
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