ELECTRONIC gizmos look set to make a splash on the bank this autumn with the latest inventions from tackle makers in China.

A hook tyer that whips up spade-end or eyed hooks at the touch of a button, in sizes from 2 to 26, and even leaves a hair if you want one, has just arrived on these shores (pictured right).

The small battery-operated device comes from award-winning Chinese tackle company Kudos, who have been making fishing tackle for ten years.

They gave the world its first worm charming device in the form of the Worminess1 Wurmdetektor, of which around 200 have been snapped up in the UK since it went on sale.

They have also just launched an electronic pellet drill that will make short work of the hardest boilies, nuts, particles, floaters and artificial baits, saving time on the bank or when preparing bait in advance (pictured below).

It will handle pellets from 6 mm up, and comes with three sizes of drill bit.

Both gadgets take standard AA batteries, and were the subject of fierce competition among famous brand companies to win the sole licence to sell them in the UK.

It was the man behind Used Tackle, Roger Surgay, who clinched the deal, but instead of charging a premium for them he has stuck by his motto of selling everything at the lowest price possible, and is asking a tenner for each of the gadgets, despite their suggested retail price being £19.99 each.

For more details of these amazing new products, grab a copy of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.