ENVIRONMENT AGENCY fishing rod licence prices and many more things have just changed - and all versions are available now. Angler's Mail explains all here...

A brand new three-rod fishing rod licence (pictured above) has been created for 2017. It’s amongst a licence system overhaul that took effect on the usual rod licence renewal date – April 1.

Widely-admired artist David Miller has painted the new three-rod licence featuring a scale-perfect linear mirror investigating a zig rigged bait. It’s an impressive piece of work!

This new fishing rod licence option has been applauded by specialist carp anglers who often use three rods at one time.

There’s a brown trout image (pictured below) for the standard two-rod non-migratory trout and coarse fishing rod licence.

And a salmon is the face for salmon and sea trout fishing rod licence. These too are the work of David Miller.

New annual fishing rod licence gives 12 months

The rod licence renewal date will become a thing of the past as annual licences can now run from the date you choose when buying it. That’s instead of being fixed at April 1 to March 31 as has been the case. You will get a full 12 months’ fishing now.

There’s also a new website – www.gov.uk/get-a-fishing-licence – so you can buy your fishing rod licence easier online.

Never ever use other sites as they can add on a ‘handling’ surcharge.

Licences can still be bought by phoning 0344 800 5386 or at the Post Office.

fishing rod licence

The new coarse and non-migratory trout fishing rod licence.

Artist delighted with new fishing rod licence

Artist David said: “I’m delighted to have provided the images for the fishing licences again this year. Not only has it given me the opportunity to paint three species for the first time but also because all the money raised goes back into supporting fisheries.

“Of the three I was particularly pleased with the brown trout, my favourite UK game fish, and one I love to fish for on small rivers and streams.”

The new salmon fishing rod licence.


  • The biggest change is the annual licence will now last for exactly 12 months from when you buy it, or wish it to start when you pay for it. This brings the fishing licence in line with other Government tariffs like the TV licence.
  • The three-rod licence has been called upon for years by spessy anglers and is now on sale. It will cost £45.
  • The standard two-rod coarse licence is now £30, an 1 percent but this is the first rise for seven years.
  • If you want to use four rods you will still have to buy two standard licences.
  • The one-day licence is going up by a whopping 60 per cent to £6 from the current £3.75.
  • The eight-day licence designed for holiday anglers remains good value at £12 from the current £10.
  • Over 65s or disabled pay £20 (two rods) £30 (three rods) or £54 for a salmon and sea trout licence.
  • The £5 charge junior licence for 12-16-year-olds has been scrapped to encourage new blood, but they still have to register for their free licence. Under-12s can be unregistered.
  • Salmon and sea trout licences for adults are £12 (one day), £27 (eight-day) and £82 (12-month).


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