THE crucian carp record appears to have been narrowly beaten with a 4 lb 10 oz giant from Verulam AC’s Moor Mill Pits (pictured) near St. Albans in Hertfordshire.

Local Josh Blavins bagged the fish from the five-water complex’s Leather Lake, named after its 40 lb-plus carp called Toadless which is reputed to be the second biggest leather in the country.

Very reliable experts told the Mail the lake only holds true crucian carp with no history of brown goldfish.

Verulam AC secretary Mark Jones said: ‘The lake has always produced the odd big crucian carp, with the lake record before standing at 4 lb 6 oz.

Verulam AC’s website confidently states Moor Mill holds ‘one or two record crucians’!

For the full story, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.