THE war against illegal fishing made headlines again in mainstream media after a man was convicted of using long lines on a canal. But the full scale of the poaching problem remains bigger than many people realise.

Jen Mun Lin of Sparkhill, Birmingham pleaded guilty at Cheltenham Magistrates Court to using an illegal method on the Gloucester Canal, after he was observed by an Environment Agency fisheries enforcement officer pulling set fishing lines from the water.

Lin was made the subject of a two-year conditional discharge, ordered to pay £235 in costs, along with a £15 victim surcharge.

Stuart Gamble from the Environment Agency said: “The use of set lines is a particularly barbaric poaching method that can cause significant suffering to fish and animals.

“The vast majority of fish will either die or will be killed by the poacher. “This takes away fish stocks that would otherwise be enjoyed by legitimate anglers.

“We track criminals on an intelligence-led basis using information gathered by ourselves, partner organisations and reports from the public,” he added.

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