TOP retailer GO OUTDOORS, sponsors of National Fishing Month, are holding an event to support it in ALL their fishing  stores.

The objective is to excite, enthral and stimulate people into trying the exciting sport of angling. GO Outdoors will be promoting all the local national fishing month in their stores.

They have arranged for a large number of fishing personalities to visit our stores on selected days to show people how to start to fish or for existing anglers how to catch more.

The events listed below will start at 11am and finish at 3pm at approximately hourly intervals.

























GO Outdoors is the official sponsor of 2012 National Fishing Month. Events listed above will include the instruction programmes listed below.

Carp Fishing

The agenda for the event will include the following:-

  • How to set up your rod pod
  • Setting up your alarm system and hangers
  • Understanding where the fish are ( watching for activity )
  • Understanding how to feed and how to mix bait
  • Making your own rigs
  • Identifying Bites

Coarse Fishing

The agenda for the event will be as follows:-

  • Preparation for a session
  • Arriving at the venue and selecting a peg
  • Setting up and choosing the correct type of rig
  • Pole set ups
  • Feeder fishing
  • Fishing the waggler
  • Mixing your bait and baiting up
  • Tips from the expert

Fly Fishing Fly Tying

The agenda for the event will be as follows:-

  • Types of flies for the local area
  • Tools needed to start fly tying
  • Selecting the correct type of hook for the type of fly you are tying
  • Selecting the type of material of need
  • Tying the actual fly
  • Finishing off

Sea Fishing

The basis of these events will be to you how to tie the rigs to use for the type of fish you are going to catch in the local area whether it be off the shore, the rocks or off a boat.

And will include Pennel rigs, Flattie rigs, clip down rigs, wishbone rigs, uptide rig, running rigs.

Included in this event will be a special section about local Bass fishing and all the new developments in this fast growing part of the sport.

  • For further information on the events, see the GO Outdoors advert in next week’s Angler’s Mail magazine (on sale from Tuesday, July 24 – with FREE bubble float).

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