A NEW unified and professional approach to getting new blood into the sport took a step closer last week with the first major meeting of the National School of Angling.

As we revealed in December, Cudmore Fisheries boss Cyril Brewster is driving forward a vision to create the school PLUS a new National Angling Centre.

Last Tuesday’s meeting at his Staffordshire fishery confirmed the new patrons including representatives of the Angling Trust, Angling Development Board, Get Hooked On Fishing, leading tackle firms and the angling Press.

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Key aims of the National School of Angling

. Promote angling and junior development

. Promote the sport of angling

. Promote good angling practice through responsible coaching and practices.

. Promote environmental awareness.

. Provide a safe and fun orientated learning environment for all participants.

. Build and develop links with the local community and angling trade.

Manual of Operational Guidance includes

. Risk assessments

. Public liability insurance cover

. Coaching practices – coach duty / coach job descriptions

. Participant codes of conduct

. All aspects of child protection

. On site First aid

. Participant medical information

. Media clearance forms

. Session planning sheets

. Incident report forms

. Accident report forms

. Participant emergency contact information

. An ongoing  3 year rolling development plan

National Angling School Steering group meeting members

John Hunter, D H P Publications

Roy Marlow, Marukyu

Mick Buxton, Environment Agency

Richard Griffiths, Shimano

Darren Cox, Garbolino

Stephen Egerton, Pure Fishing

Simon Clarke, Catfish pro

Nick Brown, Leeda

Anton Rogers, Matt Hicks ,Preston

Joe Lowe, Maver

Alan Blair Nash

Neil Smith, Fox

David Kent, Angling Trust

Mike Heylin, chairman Angling Trust

Richard Hadley, Angling Development Board

Dave Smith, Get Hooked on Fishing

Karl Humphries, Get Hooked on Fishing

Simon Clarke, Catfish Pro

Neil Stockton, Stapeley Angling Centre

Garry Barlow, StapeleyAngling Centre

Tim Knight, I P C

Shaun Newton, Into fish

Richard Lee, Bauer

Paul Chapel, Baits

George Crisp

Mark Sharratt (Minutes)

Steve Peterson/Gavin Burn, Hardy/ Greys could not attend but are in full support of the project