TOP carp angler and tackle manufacturer Kevin Nash is trying to eradicate deadly Koi Herpes Virus (KHV).

Caring Kevin is spearheading a campaign to raise £20,000 for a  KHV research project by the University of East Anglia.

The university hope to identify carp that have genes resistant to the deadly virus, bringing longer-term hopes of being able to breed KHV resistant carp.

Kevin told Angler’s Mail: “As a fishery owner KHV scares me and the problem is not going to go away.

“There have been cases close to our new Royston Lakes this summer, and KHV can have an impact on us all; carp fishermen, fishery owners, retailers and many others besides.

“We were approached by Dr. Jackie Lighten of the UEA for help, and so far he has received lacklustre support from the industry, which is a dreadful reflection.

“I have decided Nash will help champion this project, such is its importance.”

Carp legend Kevin Nash is at the forefront of a bid to raise money to fight KHV.

Kevin continued: “The Australian Government are implementing a carp eradication programme whereby they plan to introduce KHV into their river systems.

Should this happen on the European mainland, where some countries deem carp invasive, I can only imagine the potential impact on carp stocks throughout Europe.”

The aim of the project is to use info from the DNA of carp and the different strains of KHV to understand how this disease has been transmitted around the world, and to identify carp that are resistant to different strains.

There is also an ambition to develop new hand-held technology to be used on the bank, which should allow anyone to provide a rapid presumptive diagnosis of the presence of particular viral strains, including newly emerging diseases which if left unchecked could reach the level of threat currently posed by the deadly virus.

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