MUSIC megastars N-Dubz are releasing an angling DVD for Christmas – and with their massive fan base it potentially could be the biggest selling fishing video EVER!

The band – all made up of mad keen anglers Dappy, Fazer and Tulisa – have a huge following with over 22 million fans who have bought albums and registered to their online media accounts like Twitter.

Tulisa’s dad Plato Contostavlos, who is also Dappy’s Uncle, is releasing the DVD today called Catch Reel Fish.

It could prove a real boost to angling numbers and the tackle trade as angling could become cool with a huge new audience of kids.

Fans can order it straight away at at £11.99 to include P&P and the DVD is guaranteed to arrive for Christmas.

The 45-60 minute offering is still being edited but will include all the band plus Plato and friend Keith Gladden, plus Dappy’s late father Byron, catching giant carp and catfish in Gran Canaria, Spain’s River Ebro and France.

The angling DVD had always been the dream of Plato and his late brother Bryon, both mad keen anglers who were successful musicians themselves with 1970s band Mungo Jerry, and the pair helped N-Dubz hit the big time.

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