SCHOOLGIRL Ruby Wells tempted one of the biggest thin-lipped grey mullet ever when she boated this 7 lb 14 oz giant from her local Christchurch Harbour in Dorset.


The seven-year-old offered a ragworm-baited spoon and ten-year-old sister Macey netted it for her.

Christchurch Harbour, where the Dorset Stour and Hampshire Avon meet and run into the sea, is noted for mullet but has produced few thin-lipped of this calibre.

The current British record for  the thin-lipped variety was caught in 2015 at 8 lb 7 oz 4 dr by Ollie Stenning off Guernsey. Bigger thick-lipped mullet have been caught from several harbours, but even for this species anything over 5 lb is usually considered a specimen.

Mullet can be caught on normal coarse fishing tackle, but they can be very tricky to tempt at times. For top tips, we recommend you read our advice article by Matt Sparkes.

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