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Inside the latest lively issue (cover-dated November 6, 2012), here are some highlights:


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MR CRABTREE BOOK EXCLUSIVE – Angler’s Mail fully explains the making of a new classic + your chance to get a discount as the book is launched.


WONDER FEEDER YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF – our award-winning All The Answers section shows you how.


CARP BAITING SUCCESS SECRETS – keep catching through the winter with advice from Colin Davidson.


NEW PIKE SERIES! – Pike Scene starts, with great advice to start with from our cover star, Andy Black.


WHERE TO FISH THIS WEEKEND – your No.1 hotspots guide. Our guide is compiled by regional experts who really know their stuff.




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  • Barbel Society chief Steve Pope’s Action Replay
  • Gary Newman chases blondes
  • Bread fishing basics with Andy Browne
  • New book on Frank Barlow, Mail legend
  • Barbel go bonkers!
  • Fox attacks angler
  • Natural venue pike on the munch
  • USA-style lure match is a winner
  • £5,999 Daiwa Air pole gets a workout


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