SERIES 2 of Gone Fishing, starring Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse, is back on BBC2 TV and already proving to be a huge success.

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing is ‘more of the same’ according to Paul Whitehouse, who spoke exclusively to Angler’s Mail magazine.

The first series had an airing at 10pm on Wednesday nights.

But after netting a BAFTA nomination, glowing reviews and over 2 million viewers it won an earlier slot. It was even hailed as TV’s ‘unexpected hit of 2018’.

And when it’s such a winning formula… why change it?

You can catch Mortimer and Whitehouse at 8pm every Friday for their latest BBC run. You can catch up on iPlayer, too.

The duo were aided again by the expert help from Angler’s Mail magazine columnist John Bailey, the angling consultant and guide.

Bob and Paul travelled right across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for Series 2.

The cast and crew visited some of the most beautiful locations in the British countryside to create six varied episodes.

Most TV critics and viewers have lapped up the start of the second series, and there’s more to come…

Paul on Mortimer and Whitehouse Series 2

Paul told Angler’s Mail all about the second series of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. And he shared his thoughts on future directions.

Paul said: “We’ve kept it exactly the same as the first series, as the format seemed to work.

“Bob talked about changing the style slightly, and we could have written some comedy scripts to go into the filming, but it didn’t work for the first series. And all the bits that went out last time were unscripted.

“We probably go to more regional places for this series, as the BBC have a remit to carry out that sort of thing, so we obliged and went across the UK.

“We even went carp fishing in Essex, if you’ve heard of such a thing, taking our lives into our hands with that one.”

Chit-chat, laughs, and fantastic fishing venues - that's Mortimer and Whitehouse Series 2. Pic: BBC/Owl Power

Chit-chat, laughs, and fantastic fishing venues – that’s Mortimer and Whitehouse Series 2. Pic: BBC/Owl Power

Paul continued: “We wanted to showcase the friendship, the health benefits of getting off your arse and going into the countryside, and then what you actually find while your fishing.

“When you walk in the countryside, you don’t see as much nature, because when you’re fishing and quiet, the nature comes to you.

“We wanted to capture the simplicity of fishing.

“I’ve been out with (traditional fishing hero) Chris Yates before and we just freelined.

“High-tech, to me, is a boilie on a hair-rig, and I still favour trying to catch a carp on floating crust.”

Mortimer and Whitehouse Series 3 plans

Paul revealed to Angler’s Mail: “If we get a third series, I’d like to do some filming in the spring and early summer, as the first two series were both shot in autumn.

“Also, if we get another series, I’d like to spend a bit more time on each episode.

“So far each one has taken three days for everything, but I would really like to catch something even more dramatic for the cameras.

“It’s hard to winkle out a big fish when you’ve got all the cameras about and a stocky northerner saying inept things in your ear, as it ruins your concentration.

“But the second series was great to film, and I hope anglers and non-anglers will enjoy it,” concluded Paul.

Guide to Series 2 of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 1: Wales

The popular duo travel to the picturesque River Usk, in Wales, where Paul’s father first taught him to fish as a young child. Their quarry is wild brown trout.

Discussion centres on their respective childhoods and reflects on their own family lives and values.

In their cosy cottage accommodation in the heart of the countryside, they compare school photographs and Paul serenades Bob with his guitar.

Paul takes the opportunity to give his father a fitting final send-off.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 2: ESSEX

Paul and Bob brave the wild lakes of Essex in search of carp. They have the latest high-tech equipment and are fully prepared to stay all night if they have to, to catch the biggest fish they can.

Chat turns to the true meaning of a mid-life crisis, and they decide to visit a beauty clinic to see if there are any suitable treatments available to re-capture their youth.

Bob reveals his secret recipe to make the perfect scrambled eggs, but it’s not the only thing that shocks Paul.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 3: SCOTLAND

Bob has harboured a childhood dream to catch a salmon, so they set off for the River Tay, in Scotland, full of hope and excitement for this special trip.

A ghillie guides them up the intimidating river in a boat, and they fish using various methods to catch the elusive salmon. They natter about luck and fate, and the part it has played in their lives and through their careers.

The duo stay in the heart of the highlands; Bob cooks Paul a traditional Scottish breakfast, and they set off for a swift round of golf before resuming their fishing.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 4: CORNWALL & DEVON

Sitting side by side on the banks of Upper Tamar Lake, Paul and Bob fish for perch. Bob notices that Paul has far more superior seating, which causes momentary tension between the pair.

The tables are turned when Bob reveals the accommodation, which leaves Paul almost speechless.

Next day they brave the open sea and have a shock catch, celebrating in the only way possible in the South West of England.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 5: NORTHERN IRELAND

Bob and Paul fly to Enniskillen for pike, which eluded them in Series One. This time they take to the waters of Loch Erne, guided by experienced ‘Frenchman Pascal’.

They talk about bad habits, and Bob gives Paul a health update, before they retire to a hostelry for classic Irish refreshments.

Paul demonstrates how to perform life-saving CPR, and Bob gives Paul a glimpse into his future by telling his fortune in a traditional Irish manner.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Ep. 6: NORTH YORKSHIRE

Paul and Bob fish for graceful grayling on the stunning River Ure, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

The pair talk about their plans for retirement, and Bob reveals his hopes and dreams for the future.

Together they meet the surgeon who performed Bob’s life-saving heart bypass, and re-enact all the drama of the operating table – in a local pub.

Laughs aplenty, words of wisdom, random silliness and even some quality fish are expected over the course of the second series of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.

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