THE decline in rod licence sales has received one boost this year – with OAPs proving the only ‘growth’ area in angling.


As reported by Anglerts Mail this summer and autumn, rod licences have been down a huge amount in the previous five years with junior licences a worrying 50 percent down and adults 35 percent down.

And the latest figures for the 2015-16 season show they are still below last year, with 1,114,873 sold compared to 1,261,224 although there are five months left to get a few more sales.

But the one growth area is in senior concessions, with 169,347 licences sold already this season compared to 163,338 last year.

The Angling Trust is determined to reverse the decline and has a new contract from the EA to help fund new generations coming through.

Trust national campaigns coordinator Martin Salter said: “Whilst it is a great so many pensioners are going fishing, the age profile of our sport is a concern.

‘We are doing our level best to get more youngsters into angling and we are currently in discussion with the government to scrap the £5 junior licence for 12-16 years olds to try and encourage them even more and not put up barriers for them going fishing,” added Martin.

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