MARK BILLINGTON caught this huge 15 lb 4 oz zander – after spotting it midwater on a fish finder!


Keen pike angler Mark was on a guided trip with Wye Valley Adventures on the River Severn run by Martyn Cattermole as he wanted a big zed.

The Sedbergh, Cumbria-based food services buyer tempted his new personal best on a float paternostered roach moments after seeing a big shape on the fish finder.

Guide Martyn explained: “As Mark lives so far up north he wanted to catch some zander so booked a weekend.

“We found some shoals of bream and silver fish on a Humminbird Onix 10 side-scanning sonar and seeing predators in the area on the sonar started catching small zander.

“Then we saw a massive shape on the fish finder and at around 1pm Mark had a fast run then a scary fight with the big zander. It took line several times and was head-shaking below the rod tip, creating the risk of a hook-pull.

“However the fish was successfully landed and weighed in at 15 lb 4 oz – a new PB for Mark and a lovely river zander.

“It was 33 inches long with a 21 inch girth so a very well-conditioned fish indeed,” concluded Martyn.
Tackle was a custom-built 10 ft 1.75 lb test curve rod, Daiwa 4050 reel, 30 lb braid, 20 lb trace wire and size 8 and 10 trebles.

Guiding latest: 0777 1114141.

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