ENGLAND carp international Mark Bartlett had a fantastic result at the recently-opened Holme Fen Fishery when he banked a stunning 53 lb 12 oz mirror in a shared haul of specimens.

Mark Bartlett

The Fox consultant was tackling the Cambridgeshire venue with Mark Jarvis who made a donation to the Predator Action Group to fish with Mark for 48 hours.

Mark located an area of sparser weed at 100 yards range and baited heavily with hemp, corn and lots of DNA Baits’ S7 boilies, going through around 60 kg during the session.

Mark explained: “It took several hours to bait the area and we used critically balanced Wraysberry pop-ups over the top.

“The session started off better than we could have imagined, but only to my area so we made the most of it and had a right laugh – which is what fishing should be all about – by taking it in turns with the bites.

“We went on to catch 12 fish, including five over 30 lb, with Mark landing a 36-pounder. I was lucky to have the big girl slip up when it was my turn, and maybe it was good Karma for doing my good deed for the PAG.”

Carp Team England head for their Carp World Champs, in Spain, in October.


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