A SIX-HOUR session was all that Geoff Collins needed to bag two quality bream topped by an impressive 15 lb 9 oz specimen. It's one of several stonking sprintgtime slabs reported to Angler's Mail.


Geoff Collins

Fishing a gravel pit close to his Rushden, Northamptonshire home, he bagged the big ‘un whilst using sweetcorn as hookbait.

The 47-year-old marketing director told the Mail: “It was raining heavily most of the time so I was quite surprised to find the fish feeding so well given the conditions.

“It was my first go fishing since the end of the river season so I was delighted to kick off with a bream of 12 lb 3 oz just after dark followed by a great looking bream of 15 lb 9 oz about two hours later.

“I capped it off with a couple of nice looking tench up to 7 lb 6 oz which again came after dark.

“I had baited the spot the evening before which may well have helped pull a few fish into the area,” revealed Geoff.

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