CLIFF KEMP banked one of the biggest ever braces of commons carp scaling 51 lb 15 oz and 44 lb 10 oz, after he nearly left Kent’s Wingham Carp Lake when he arrived to find a biting north east wind.

Cliff Kemp 51-15

At 51 lb 15 oz, this magnificent common carp was the bigger of Cliff Kemp’s pair.

Cliff bumped into another syndicate member who reported seeing a fish top in the teeth of the wind, so decided to give it 15 minutes before leaving, but was walking away when he heard a carp jump. That changed his mind!

The Bedford specialist then offered Geoff Bowers I-bait pop-ups with five half boilies in a mesh bag, catching a midnight 19-pounder before the big two at 7.30 and 6.30 am on the next two mornings.

Cliff said: “I’ve had some epic battles in the past but this long, lean crocodile (the 51 lb 15 oz common carp) gave me my best fight ever and left me shaking like a leaf.”

Cliff Kemp's 44-pounder.

Cliff Kemp’s 44-pounder.

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