STEVEN WELCH ended a four-year quest for a 4 lb perch… before ‘mallet man’ killed any chance of more action

perch 2

Steven, from Swansea, tackled the Pleasure Lake at top day ticket complex White Springs Fishery, near Swansea, when he landed this 4 lb 2 oz cracker.

He had already landed a number of small perch, roach, rudd and carp on prawns, plus a new PB orfe of 4 lb 2 oz, before the bigger perch came on the feed.

Steven had just returned a 2 lb-plus specimen when he had the bite from the big ‘un but nearly lost it when his drag locked up and it flat-rodded him. He legered double prawn close to an island.

He explained: “My mate Dan came to take the photos for me and I’d like to thank him.

“I then packed up as an over-enthusiastic family turned up and started to hammer tent pegs into the ground and killed the sport dead. Still at least they waited until after I’d caught what I see as the fish of a lifetime, and one I can’t see me beating for a while.”

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