POSSIBLY the best monster carp venue in England - the Essex lakes owned by Kevin Nash - look set to open up for bookings.

Kevin Nash’s lakes have just produced an amazing brace of a 59 lb 2 oz common (pictured) and 52 lb 2 oz mirror to pals James Bigmore and Andy Gilbert.

The pair, who work at Essex’s Total Fishing Tackle shop, had been invited to Kevin Nash’s personal 1.7-acre Copse Lake and caught the fish virtually at the same time on their opening morning.

But the breaking news is there are whispers from a reliable source that the venue, and Church Lake, will be open up for ‘exclusive bookings’ in 2016. Don’t rush to get in though, bookings are not yet being taken.

The extremely fertile waters boast an amazing 11 50-pounders and very soon three fish could be over 60 lb!

Brentwood-based James revealed: “We decided to split up and fish on opposite banks to try and keep the fish moving around. About two hours after casting all the rods out we met between our swim’s to have a quick chat about tactics.

“Within seconds Andy’s rod screamed off and he was onto his rod in a flash. Andy successfully steered the fish away from any weed beds and a breeze-block of a mirror was in the net!

“Just as I grabbed the retainer, my right rod rattled off. I was quickly onto the rod and steering the fish away from the reeds. The battle was short and sweet and I had myself an absolute brute of a common in the net.

“Alan Blair conveniently turned up just as I had netted the fish and we were both speechless by the size of the common.

“Only a couple of hours of fishing and we had an amazing brace of 50s on the bank totaling 111 lb. What a brace. It’s fair to say we were both truly blown away.”


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