A MATCH angler managed to land this jumbo sturgeon while pleasure fishing.

Landed on match fishing tackle, Jake Hall reckons the 56 lb specimen would normally win him most of the winter contest he fishes on its own.

Jake recorded his first-ever sturgeon when he hooked the giant out of the blue at his local Aston Park Fisheries.

The 25-year-old welder, from Dinnington, South Yorkshire, explained: “I was fishing for carp on popped-up bread on a feeder rod on Lilly peg 5.

“I was just using 8 lb main line, a 6 lb hook length and a size 16 hook.

“I had heard there were two or three in the pond, but I had no idea there was anything that big.

“I’ve never even known anyone who has caught one so it was very unexpected.

“The sturgeon took the bait first cast, took 45 minutes to land, in an amazing fight.

“At first it stuck to the bottom and then tailed walked over and again and. It was the best fight I’ve ever had.”

Match fishing tackle surprise

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it!” laughed Jake.

“This catch was once in a lifetime, I honestly can’t believe I managed to land it on match fishing tackle.

“My biggest fish previously was a 23 lb common carp as I mainly do match fishing.

“I was there that day to practice for an up-coming match.

“The winter matches are usually won with about 50 lb so I would have been well on my way to victory if I’d caught this in one.

“But I don’t think you can target them as they are rarely caught,” concluded Jake.

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