GARETH SHELDON caught the biggest non-trout water pike of the season at 32 lb 10 oz after his dad Ian agreed to share the runs on his rods at day ticket Horcott Lakes in Gloucestershire.

The 21-year-old tyre fitter from nearby Fairford added 14 others to mid doubles with Ian, using legered lamprey at the £10 a day water.

Horcott Lakes fishery manager Lee Pollard said: “Ian was very pleased for Gaz but has now made him think twice  about giving runs away! He’s been after a 30 all his life and not had one.

“This is a venue record. The 22 acre pit holds a good head of pike average being mid-high doubles with quite a few 20s. The lake has lots of silver fish especially big rudd so probably filling up on those.
“Its also a good venue for big perch to just over 4 lb in the past along with plenty of three-pounders,” added Lee.

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