THIS tench has impressed many fans of the species after its capture in the East of England.

Nathan Highley tempted one of the biggest male tench of all-time with this 11 lb 10 oz leviathan.

The sales assistant at Angling Direct Norwich is in an unexpected run of giant tench on a Norfolk carp syndicate.

Nathan, 38, from Norwich said: “I’m told by my friends who specifically target tench that this is massive for a male tench, one of the biggest ever caught.

“This is my eighth double-figure tench since April. I know some people say they don’t count on carp gear, but to me it’s still a special capture.

“Bait-wise, it was a on a 12 mm Sticky Baits Signature squid white pop-up fished on a simple pop-up rig.

“This was fished over a bed of 16 mm Krill frozen boilies at 40 yards to a small gravel area in between weedbeds. It certainly is a PB,” concluded Nathan.

Biggest male tench recorded?

The overall tench record is a female giant of 15 lb 3 oz 6 dr to Darren Ward, caught at Sheepwalk Big Pit in Middlesex way back in 2001.

But male tench rarely get above 8 lb – with doubles very scarce indeed.

Unlike most fish species, male tench are easily distinguished from females by their very large pelvic fins located on the underside of the belly.

Tenchfishers Press officer Paul Thompson told Angler’s Mail: “The biggest male tench I’ve heard of was 13 lb 8 oz from the Medway Valley claimed by carper Ted Bryan a few years ago.

“But not many doubles get caught, although there have been three I’ve heard of this year. The Bawburgh complex in Norfolk seems to hold a few.”

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