THE Mahseer Trust has reorganised, with some new contributors and a star-studded cast of patrons and supporters.

Fisheries scientist Adrian Pinder takes on the role of director, and Steve Lockett is the Press officer, for the group which was established in 2008 to further scientific knowledge about these impressive fish.

Among the patrons are TV star Jeremy Wade and the Angler’s Mail’s own John Bailey.

As part of their remit, the Trust is moving forward with several initiatives.

Adrian has just co-authored a paper with Dr Rajeev Raghavan of St Albert’s College in Kochi, India, looking at the benefits of angling on fish conservation.

This paper appeared in the June addition of Current Science, India’s most widely read scientific journal and is available to read at the Mahseer Trust website.

Membership of the Trust will help to set up an annual research grant scheme for researchers and students across south east Asia.

A fund of £3,000 is needed to fund a research project and the Trust is appealing for donations to achieve this aim.

Steve Lockett said: ‘If we can get 3,000 anglers to donate us £1 each, through Paypal, we can set up a research study right now.

“The Trust is collaborating with scientists in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, who could all bid for the award, which will be judged and awarded on scientific merit.

“The Tor species in India are particularly in need of classification, so an award like this could help anglers everywhere in their understanding of what the various species of these fish look like.’

Trust founder, Keith Elliot said: ‘We recognise that scientists and anglers in the countries where the various Tor species live are the key to the research. That is why we at the Trust are working to help them help themselves.’

Take a look at their new website at www.mahseertrust.org

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