MARCUS HOWARTH showed how effective maggots can be for big carp in the colder months when silver fish activity dies down with fours specimens on the grubs.

Wimborne, Dorset-based Marcus fished a 48 hour session on a Berkshire club water and had The Brute at 43 lb 12 oz, a 32 lb 6 oz common and others of 25 lb 15 oz and 29 lb 8 oz.

The 29-year-old tackle shop employee said: “I was fishing 50 yards to a silt gully and fed maggots plus 5 kg of crumbed up Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

“I used a size 6 Atomic Chodda hook with a 25 lb Amnesia hooklink with a balanced maggot rig.”

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