AN angler who was illegally night fishing was strangled and had white spirit poured down his throat during a terrifying attack.

Doncaster, South Yorkshire-based Daniel Cook, 25, was fishing alone on the day ticket River Don near Sprotbrough Falls – when a hot wire was pulled round his throat and he says he is lucky to be alive.

The men started strangling Daniel, poured a glue-like substance on his hair on face and poured white spirit down his throat.

But the venue is controlled by two angling clubs who ban night fishing on the venue noted for barbel and chub.

Wire round neck

Daniel said: “If I hadn’t managed to pull forward and get into the river I would’ve been dead.

“I felt the wire round my neck and I could breath they kept tightening it, I didn’t know what it was but they starting pouring something on my head, I was trying to struggle but couldn’t get free, it was only when they released the grip a bit so they could pour white spirit down my throat that I managed to move forward a bit.

“They ripped my top as I was trying to get away and booted me in the Don.

“I stayed in there and they were watching me from the side, I stayed in there a good three or four minutes until they walked away.

Motive a mystery

“The men were speaking in foreign accents but I didn’t recognise what language it was, one of them was laughing. I didn’t get a good look at them.”

“If I hadn’t managed to move forward away from them they would have carried on until I was dead.

“They didn’t rob me, I don’t know who they were and there was no reason for the attack, as far as I know they just wanted to hurt me, you don’t just attack someone like that unless you want to cause them serious injury or kill them.”


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