A VICIOUS assault on a fellow angler that fatally wounded him has resulted in the murderer getting a life sentence.


The Liverpool fishing scene was rocked by the case, which first hit the news back in November after popular Peter Seeclear, 45, died.

Peter was on a fishing session Nathan Muat at Stadt Moers Park Lake in Whiston, Merseyside.

A Police investigation and court case finally resulted in Muat (pictured above) being told he must serve a minimum of 19 years in prison for the murder of Peter.

Muat, 45, had denied murder at Liverpool Crown Court and an alternative charge of manslaughter but was found guilty of the more serious charge.

Peter Seeclear, who was killed by his carer during a Liverpool fishing trip.

As Angler’s Mail revealed in November, popular Peter, 45, died during a five-day fishing session.

A post mortem was carried out two week later revealed severe traumatic chest injuries and Muat, of Upper Parliament Street, Toxteth, was charged.

Reaction of Liverpool fishing community

Venue regular Aaron Temple told Angler’s Mail: “It is great news Muat was found guilty.

“Peter didn’t deserve the treatment this man put him through and the truth came out like always in these cases.

“I’d like to thank the anglers that helped get this man sentenced as I know a few that helped by speaking the truth in court, because they seen things no one else did, helping the truth come out about this bully. Well done everyone.

“I was happy at he got the guilty verdict but it would have been better if he got 25 to 30 years as a man like that shouldn’t ever be let out on the streets as he was a really nasty man.

“I am glad the local anglers that follow me came together to help the family get justice by going to court and telling their side of things showing people he was a nasty dangerous man,” concluded Aaron.

Flowers were laid at the scene.

‘Jury saw though the lies’ say Police

Detective Chief Inspector Richie Jones said: “Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Mr Seeclear.

“The investigation and trial have clearly been a distressing time for them and they have been devastated by the loss of a much loved family member.

“Nathan Muat claims he was a close friend of Mr Seeclear and was registered as Mr Seeclear’s carer.

“At the time of his death Peter was on a fishing trip with Muat.

“It was during that trip that Peter was attacked by Muat, who initially tried to cover up the murder by claiming Mr Seeclear had suffered an epileptic fit.

“He later changed his version of events and claimed he had had a fight with Mr Seeclear and killed him in self-defence.

“Thankfully the jury saw through his lies and Muat will now spend a considerable amount of time behind bars.

“I would like to thank my team of officers and colleagues at the Crown Prosecution Service for their professionalism, hard work and commitment during this complex and difficult investigation.”

The park lake where Peter was fishing.

Tragic death of victim’s brother

There was more heartbreak for Peter’s family as it was revealed his grieving brother James took a fatal overdose in January after struggling to cope with his sibling’s death.

Sister Jacqui, 58, said: “James did his best to get justice. He fought so much to make Muat accountable. It broke his heart.

“He couldn’t bring himself to go to the funeral. It was all too much.”

James died after taking an overdose of cocaine and prescription drugs but the family didn’t believe he intended to take his own life.


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