AN ANGLER has died on the bank of a top carp fishery - and now the venue's owners are fundraising to pay for an on-site defibrillator.

The tragedy happened at prolific carp fishery Broadlands, near Southampton in Hampshire. They aim to raise £2,000 needed to pay for the life-saving apparatus and quickly received  offers of training in its use from their regular anglers.

The venue is  urging other large fisheries to follow suit in order to save the life of anyone who has a heart attack while fishing.

Broadlands co-owner Debbie Beale explained: “Two elderly gents Kevin, 90, and David, 75, who had been best buddies for over 20 years, had been fishing together for the day.

“They were just packing away their gear after a perfect but cold day when David collapsed, and Kevin somehow found the inner strength to administer CPR for 15 minutes until help arrived, but unfortunately he was unable to revive his mate, despite his hands turning black and blue with the effort.

“The two come down from Warminster, Wiltshire, and have been regulars at the fishery for some while – originally there were four and now Kevin is the only one left despite being the oldest.

“David’s wife was only recently persuaded to give up nursing so they could spend more time together so his passing is particularly tragic.”

Fundraising for defibrillator at fishery

“We not only put fish welfare as an absolute top priority here but also feel we need to do more in case this situation ever happens again, so we have started a crowd-funding page and fundraising to purchase a public defibrillator.

“This may help someone in their moment of need and also reassure any anglers with a health worry or condition to relax and know that help is there if they ever had a medical emergency.

“After a few years of owning the lakes and getting to know some of the anglers, it has made us realise there are a lot of people that take up fishing as a sport to unwind, de-stress, cope with depression or by people with medical conditions that may be limited with their ability or health.

“Most fisheries are in rural or semi-rural places and often unstaffed on a full-time basis therefore we are trying to bring awareness to other lakes that this could happen anywhere and anytime, and that they could also start fundraising to get a defibrillator on site as it could save someone’s life.

“We understand that some organisations like schools and public parks are doing this so why not fisheries?” added Debbie.

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