HAVE you ever caught fish on anything unusual? We bet you've not used what this father and son have been using...

A thoughtful dad is getting his son into fishing – by making Lego fishing lures made out of his favourite characters!

Norwich, Norfolk-based Sean Smith made up the Lego fishing spinners with three of five-year-old George’s mini plastic heroes.

And they have bagged up with perch on the Norfolk Broads.

Young George is hooked on Lego fishing.

Young George is hooked on Lego fishing.

Sean told Angler’s Mail how Lego fishing has been made possible – and why it works so well for them.

Sean said: “George has got a short attention span when it comes to fishing but he is a Lego fanatic. I made these lures to keep him entertained.

“Mario was crowned champion over the weekend but the Stormtrooper from Star Wars pulled out the biggest fish.

“Harry Potter must have missed a monster pike – by the look on his face!

“I’ve never made anything like it before. But I think I’ll be trying different types.

“I’d like to make a surface lure for the summer using a figure on a surfboard but the challenge will be weighting it right to keep it upright.”

Lego fishing lures DIY method

Sean explained to Angler’s Mail how his Lego fishing lures were created.

“I made them using cheap spinners that I bought from Decathlon,” he revealed.

“I drilled through the centre of the Lego figure, then used some spinner wire I bought from eBay and all the original parts of the spinner that I cut up.

Not just toys – the Lego fishing lures have been tempting lots of perch, giving lots of fun.

Sean continued: “I added some tiny shot inside the body of the figure to add weight and rattle to the body.

“I also added a small weight to the shaft which I removed from a Flying C spinner.

“It’s really simple to form and twist the eyes at each end using pliers.

“The action of them looks really good in the water.

“I probably had as much fun making them as we did fishing,” added the 34-year-old AA patrolman.

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